The Talieh Mehr Geriatric Center has been established in October 1999 with an initial capacity of 30; for the purpose of serving the honored elderly, through the creation of a quiet, pleasant, and safe place for elders and their families, with the participation of the family health team resorting to academic ability and expertise.

At the present time, this center with a capacity of 80 persons in a three-story-building whose surface reaches over 1,000 square meters hosts the honored elderly in both private and semi-private rooms equipped with furniture, refrigerator, personal T.V. sets, and beautiful eye-catching reception hall with separate rooms to provide the elderly medical and rehabilitation services. The place possesses the green space of tree-lined alcove whose surface equals 300 square meter, is suitable for the elderly and their families. In addition, the building is controlled by the central control system, CCTV, and audio-visual systems. This center, furthermore, is equipped with lift system specialized in carrying the elderly. The Talieh Mehr Geriatric Center has been located in a quiet area away from the bustle of Tehran in the northern part of the city with suitable parking spaces for daily visitors.

The Talieh Mehr Geriatric Center accepts all the elderly with a range of different needs except for the ones who suffer from contagious or infectious diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, AIDS, etc. or the seniors who are experiencing severe restlessness. In exceptional cases through scrutinizing the medical background and physical and mental status of the patient along with having consultation sessions with family members, the final decision on their acceptance is announced; since our only target is to provide the honored elderly with correct and scientific services based on the brand-new world knowledge.

This center, is professionally equipped with medical, rehabilitation, and health-care equipment. Also, our center benefits from experienced, professional and trained staff based on the newest international methods. The working hours include both day and night shifts which are meticulously supervised by a managerial team of the founder family. The rank of this center reaches the first and highest levels in the annual evaluations of the nationwide ministries

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